Parking Permits

Preferred (paid) and General (non-paid) parking permits are now available!

Preferred & General Permits
Click the button to login and order your parking permit.

A temporary permit will be emailed to you while you wait for the physical permit to arrive in the mail.

If you are a Vendor, Special Guest, or Visitor, you may purchase or obtain a permit here.

Click the button to obtain your temporary permit.

Community Members
To purchase a semester parking permit as a community member. You will need to create an account and select Kern Community College District.

For more details about parking, please visit our Cerro Coso College Parking website.


If you have received a parking citation, you may have options!

Payments and appeals for parking citations can be submitted through Parking Management Bureau.

Click the button to get started.

For more details about citations, please visit our Cerro Coso College Parking website.