Parking permits are available now for purchase.

For further information, email Jamie Moua with Campus Police:

Parking on Campus

  •   Parking is by Permit Only; valid in General parking areas
  •   Day passes may be purchased from Ticket Dispensers for $2.00 a day
  •   Just like automobiles, motorcycles and open top vehicles must have a valid parking permit.
  •   All handicap parking must display a valid handicap placard or license in conjunction with a valid parking permit.
  •   Parking enforcement is handled through our Campus Police Department. For more details on rules and polices please visit our Campus Police Department webpages.

To purchase a semester parking permit as a student. You will need to login using your MCPortal login.

Community Members
To purchase a semester parking permit as a community member. You will need to create an acount.

Dispute or Pay a Parking Citation

If you received a parking citation, you can dispute or pay the citation by visiting