Eureka Campus Parking Permits

Parking on the Eureka campus is by permit only. Parking enforcement is handled through the Public Safety Department.

Daily permits ($2) are available at vending machines located throughout the parking areas. After you purchase your daily permit, you must place the permit face up on the driver’s side of your vehicle’s dashboard. Daily permits should be clearly visible or you will be cited. Only display a current parking permit, expired permits cause confusion and should not be displayed.

Daily Permits
If you are planning to visit our campus, please purchase a daily permit.

Community Members
To purchase a semester parking permit as a community member. You will need to create an acount.

  •  All vehicles must display a CR parking permit when parked on the CR campus. DMV issued handicapped Blue Placard, Permanent Disabled license plates and government issued “E” plates are exempt and do not need a CR parking permit. A valid DMV issued Disabled Parking Permit allows parking in any designated parking space on campus such as student, staff, medical or handicapped. Vehicles are not allowed to park at any time in non-designated parking areas such as loading zones, no-parking zones, fire lanes, red curbs, intercampus roadways etc.
  •  Medical Parking Permit authorization is available through the DSPS (Disabled Student Program & Services) office on a temporary basis. Medical verification from a doctor is required. After obtaining the DSPS Medical Parking Permit Authorization form, bring it to the Public Safety Office for Medical Parking Permit issuance. With this permit, persons may park in student parking, staff parking or designated medical parking spaces. Medical Parking Permit holders may not park in designated “Disabled Parking” areas.
  •  Parking Citations are issued Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. through 10 p.m. to any vehicles that do not have a valid permit displayed. If you are using an Annual or Semester permit you must place it in the lower left corner (driver’s side) of your windshield. Take care not to place it below the black band (frit) that is commonly found on the edges of late model vehicles. If your permit as not clearly visible, you will be cited.
  •  Parking Citations are now reconciled with a web-based organization called Parking Management Bureau. If you receive a parking citation you must pay or dispute the Bail amount by visiting For more details on parking rules and regulations, please refer to CR’s Public Safety web pages.