To purchase a semester parking permit as a student. You will need to login using your myAVC login.


Community Members
To purchase a semester parking permit as a community member. You will need to create an acount.


Daily Permits
To purchase a daily parking permit.

A parking permit is required to park a vehicle anywhere on campus. General parking permits are required from 8am-midnight Monday-Friday and 8am-4pm on Saturdays. No parking permits are required on Sundays. To avoid a citation, please park in authorized spaces only. Parking without a permit or in reserved parking spot may result in a $33.00 citation. Parking in a designated handicap spot will result in a $338.00 citation.

In order to purchase a parking permit certain vehicle information will need to be provided. Permits are non-transferrable and cannot be resold or exchanged. Parking permits will be mailed but are active without the sticker, as long as vehicle information provided is accurate.

Fall parking passes are valid from August 15, 2022 to December 9, 2022.



Fall/Spring – $28.00 (Equals to $1.75 a week for 16 weeks). Includes ASO sticker, Limit 1.
Summer - $21.00 (Equals to $1.75 a week for 12 weeks)
Additional parking permits or permits needed for Non AVC students are priced the same but do not include an ASO sticker. (No Limit)


$1.00 – Daily parking fee at Parking Permit dispenser (must be visible on your dashboard)
$1.28 – Purchased online and must provide vehicle information (do not need printout if vehicle info is entered correctly)


The ASO sticker benefits for students includes:

  • Free admission to Football & Basketball games in the current semester (excludes playoffs/tournaments).
  • 40 free copies from the WEPA machine (loaded to your account within 24 hours after purchase, active only during current semester).
  • Community discounts provided through 25Score card.

To receive your ASO sticker and get access to the community discounts please go to Student Life Office in T700 E1. Student ID and proof of purchase is required.


Students who withdraw from all courses during the refund period may request a partial refund for a parking permit. Students who want a refund must:

  1. Return parking permit to Cashier’s office during the first 2 weeks for semester.
  2. Students must fill out a parking permit refund request.

All refund requests will be reviewed and if approved refunds will be processed through PMB within 2-3 weeks.